Frontier 6x6 with 24" (stock) tires $4,200

Frontier 8x8 with 24" (stock) tires $4700

Avengers and most all Argo 8x8 machines $4700

XTI/XTD New Conquest units $4,995.

Vanguards Vanguard 11 Bigfoot with 10" wide tires $3,200

Response(RB) and old style Conquest (CB) units $4,200

MAX 11 and MAX 4 $3,500 depending on tire combinations

2 1/2" - 3" or wider hub spacers included free if needed. Most applications require hub spacers. New design reversing Argo rims have a built in 2 1/2" offset. The 24" tires with these rims may not require spacers. On 25" tires, we do recommend them. This varies with Argo equipment changes.

Standard tracks for 22x10 tires are 19.5" wide

Standard tracks for 24"x10 tires are 19.5

Standard tracks for 25" wide tires are 22" wide

This can vary depending on customer needs, however please don't shoot yourself in the foot by trying to run a track less than 19.5". You need the flotation, and a narrower track just won't do the job. We have been designing tracks around restrictions for instance in trailers that aren't wide enough, or trying to fit Argos into an ice shanty, toy hauler, etc. But why have a track at all, if you lose all the advantages you track your Argo for in the first place?

We suggest a  6 1/2' wide trailer. We are trying to keep the 24" wide tire machines at 71.5" wide, but all you are doing is losing precious track clearance. We will build what you want, but wider is always better.



Super Wide Snow Kits are rarely necessary, but are available. These tracks work well in snow up to 2 1/2 feet deep and deeper already depending on load and machine.