I also was nicknamed on the internet as "The World's most friendly ARGO dealer. I am very proud to have been honored in such a way over the past many years. I help Argo owners. Sure, I'm supposed to sell you a new one, but if it's fixable, why not fix yours until you are ready to upgrade. I talk to people world wide and help them find Argo solutions. Where other dealers have ignored the older machines they couldn't be bothered with, I knew darn well yours is very important to you. My motto is that your Argo is as important to ME as Mine is to ME. And, I mean it.

Escargo Tracks from Ontario contacted me. Alain, a French Canadian track builder contacted me and asked me to try his tracks.

And, they worked. They still do, and they are a fantastic track. The Escargo track was the first track that made it through the "Argo Bog of Death." The Argo Bog of Death is now world famous on YouTube, because it's my backyard here on the shoreline of Fox Lake, Wisconsin, my home. I brought the Escargo tracks here on my Beaver Dam / Bait's Motel Argo and torture tested them. This is where I always got Argos stuck. No Argo, would traverse that mess with or without ANY of the tracks on the market until we ran the Escargo tracks out there. I will tell you that to this day, if you are in Canada, buy the Escargo original track from EscargoTracks.com 

In my machine shop at Beaver Dam Argo I began to design and test Argo tracks that would enhance these machines, so that they really able to "GO ANYWHERE." I wasn't quiet about my frustration of getting stuck, and shared the same anger as my clients, who would spend tens of thousands of dollars on these impressive "looking," machines, only to find themselves stuck like me out in no man's land. No, I wasn't quiet about that at all. I'd go to the Argo dealers conventions and raise hell about it. The Argo factory training videos and your owner's manual even tell you to "Stay off of frozen water, and remove tracks prior to going into the water" And if you fall through the ice, "Winch yourself out."

I Christopher Schenkel got tired of getting stuck. In 2002, I incorporated and became Wisconsin's largest Factory Authorized Argo Dealer. I use Argos. I am an avid Wisconsin sportsman, now 62, and have owned since I was 18 years old. I've owned and serviced every model of Argo ever made.

As Argos improved, getting more powerful, with new steering advances, redesigned transmissions, and EFI engines, Beaver Dam Argo track division advanced with a lot of track design changes as well.

Design improvements: Deeper taller track segments/flights allowed the tires to run deeper in the tracks so the belts were no longer rubbing the soft sidewalls of the tires. We began the first HYBRID tracks, with combinations of UHMW and other space age polymer materials that both lightened the tracks over the all steel designs, while providing smoother rides on asphalt driveways, concrete, etc. Even your lawn will suffer less with the addition of the poly flights. And, now our advanced swept wing paddles make for better amphibious operation in open water, where the tracks just don't touch bottom. The Beaver Dam Argo paddles provide 40% more propulsion surface area than we had with the older designs. Our tracks also turn very smoothly with our tapered incline angle at the outer edges of the track also reducing sideways slippage on steep slippery hillsides. Much higher grade heat treated alloy steel with the addition of stiffening bends and angles make these blades pretty tough to bend.  Well, we've done it. We're here with the tracks I have spent a lifetime wishing for. The Beaver Dam Hybrid Tracks are now in full production. I am no longer a Factory Authorized Argo Dealer. I have now dedicated myself to get these tracks out to you where you need them.

And, I, like you, ALWAYS GOT STUCK!

I retired from my career as a field machinist, where I performed in-place, on-site machining operations around the world, line boring, crank shaft bearing restoration, milling, on ships, in power plants, both nuclear and coal, diesel locomotive and generator engines, steel mills, and in mines, on some of the world's largest cranes.

I am an R and D machinist, and have degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Fluid Power and Hydraulics from several technical schools, including Lake Shore Technical in Cleveland Wisconsin, MATC, Madison Area Technical College, and Moraine Park Technical Colleges.

Due to NAFTA trade restrictions, border B.S. import and export taxes, and endless customs paperwork, Escargo-USA tracks just wasn't going to fly.

Long story short MY SOAP BOX