Our patented swept wing, pocketed, water grabbing paddle tracks made of 50% uhmw and 50% hardened steel. Since we began to prototype these tracks, NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE, has been stuck. Not in mud, snow, cat tails, bog, deep holes, on stumps, bayou, gumbo mud, or anywhere else. The space age poly is milled to scoop water. The steel grips ice and vegetation. The paddles simply make your ARGO or other brand of ATV/UTV an unstoppable machine, even in open water where all the others fail. These tracks won't fall off. They won't break your machine. Your tires ride in and on a unique guide that allows your tires to operate on the tire tread, like they are supposed to, you don't wear the sidewalls on a very expensive set of tires. We make tracks to fit most tire and machine combinations and ship everyday to owners like you around the world from the Arctic Circle to the Everglades, from Mexico to Canada, From Finland to the emerald mines in Russia and Siberia. If these tracks can survive the "Argo Bog of Death," without falling off or stretching out, or leaving you stranded, they will work for your machine, and make it the truly unstoppable "Go Anywhere," machine you spent the big bucks on and trust your life to. Don't be fooled by the hype out there. Read the forums and watch the videos that real Argo owners post. Beaver Dam Argo does not go on forums or mislead you with stop and start fake action videos.  I'm just me, Christopher, and I build these tracks for a reason. I don't want to get stuck. I'm older now, and getting stuck is dangerous. If you run a guide service, you will lose money if your camp is washed out and your Argo can't do the job. If you are a vegetation sprayer, you need an Argo. If you are a wilderness Real Estate company, you need an Argo. Sports enthusiasts, you need an Argo. But only one that gets you home. Beaver Dam Argo Hybrid tracks also have the highest ground clearance of ANY track.